Lydia Johnson Consulting


Leadership Coaching and Development

  • “A vibrant, warm, caring, bright person with superb business acumen. Lydia took the time to share a quick word of encouragement, acknowledge the work effort, share a smile, and make you want to do more for her than she asked. A natural leader and motivator extraordinaire who knows how to get the important things done!” — Darryl Sabo, Consultant, Business Transformation Architects Inc
  • “Lydia is one of the most enthusiastic, optimistic, positive leaders I have ever worked with. She approaches challenges and opportunities with great energy and determination to find the right solution. With Lydia’s experience and enthusiasm she can ignite ideas, energy and innovation in others.” — Kari Grist, VP Marketing & Business Development, Offsetters
  • “Lydia is a strong leader with a positive approach to business. She has an exceptional ability to motivate employees at all levels. She has always shown a genuine interest in both the employee and member experience. She has inspired me to follow my own career path and to strive for excellence. Lydia would be an asset to any organization.” — Lucinda Iglesias, Sales Team Leader, Citizens Bank
  • “Lydia is a leader. With inter-personal skills second to none, she is able to motivate, while expecting others to be held accountable. With energy to spare, she’s led more corporate strategic initiatives than most will ever see in their careers.” — Keith Hazell, Director Financial Planning, Vancity Credit Union
  • “Lydia is a leader with vision, able to rally people around a cause and inspire and motivate them to get to the same destination. She is articulate, passionate, intelligent and determined. She has managed incredibly complex and large teams, and was admired and respected by all who reported up to her.” — William Azaroff, Director On Line Banking & Engagement, Vancity Credit Union
  • “Lydia is a born leader — someone who is able to bring diverse constituents together to work towards strategic goals. She’s a motivational speaker, and manager — and she was also someone who took the time to listen to the ideas and feedback of those around her and apply them when appropriate. She’s attuned to the details, but doesn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. I’d welcome an opportunity to work with Lydia again.” — Alison Amratlal, Manager Corporate Communications, Vancity Credit Union
  • “Lydia Johnson has a very comfortable way in guiding one through the process of self discovery. Lydia is an active listener and has a number of techniques at her disposal that make it easy to work on one’s weak points. A number of times I went I knew that, but I did not know, that I knew. Lydia, thanks for being a patient enabler. I am looking forward to continue our conversations.” — Paul von Saarn, VP Credit, Envision Credit Untion
  • “Effectiveness of an Executive Coach is based in the power of the Relationship that you can build. This relationship creates the critical factor “Trust”. Lydia has provided tremendous value to me over the past six months. She has been supportive and resourceful with many helpful models and tools at her disposal. Lydia provides thorough follow up and support. Her background provides practical and innovative knowledge. Perhaps what I have appreciated most is her ability to push me to be better. Thank you Lydia for your support and assisting me in viewing leadership in a whole new way!” — Barry Christiansen, Human Resources, inUnison
  • “I want to thank you for all of your “value added” comments while working with me as a coach. Your knowledge of my industry and corporate culture in general, provided me with clear insights on how I could improve my performance in a very short amount of time by focusing on just a few key areas. Thank you for always being available to talk. This was a terrific experience!” — Corinne Hogg, Assistant Vice President, Sales and Service, Envision Financial
  • “Lydia is an amazing leader, a great motivator of people and a strong business strategist. As project sponsor of my leadership project Lydia provided the strategic direction for our project and allowed us to explore and develop our approach in solving a complex business problem. Along the way, Lydia provided encouragement, strategic analysis and mentorship that fostered critical thinking and creative problem solving within the larger project team. Working with Lydia is a great learning opportunity for any new or seasoned leader.” — Andrew Beaumont, District Sales Manager ETFS

Strategic Planning

  • “In all my years of working with Lydia she has always built excitement and passion for the vision and strategies of the organization. Lydia sets the highest standards for honesty, integrity and work ethics, which are the foundation for any good leader.” — Caroline Wedge, Assistant Vice President, Sales & Service, Envision Financial
  • “Lydia Johnson’s knowledge, expertise, and insights into Credit Union visioning and strategic thinking are only surpassed by the positive energy and enthusiasm she exudes.” — Dan Strandy, Vice Chair, Verity Credit Union Board of Directors
  • “Working with Lydia has been a fantastic experience! She has pushed me to expand my boundaries of comfort and provided an excellent framework from which to view my relationship with my team, my peers and my executive team. It is a pleasure to work with Lydia and draw on the many years of executive level leadership she has been involved in.” — David Lanphear, CFP, BA, Assistant Vice President | Wealth Management Services, Envision Credit Union

Speaking Presentations

  • “Lydia always has her audience mesmerized by her outstanding public speaking abilities.” — Caroline Wedge, Assistant Vice President, Sales & Service, Envision Financial
  • “Lydia is an inspirational speaker that spring boarded the group to a higher level of discussion. Lydia went above and beyond in providing the support needed to make the planning retreat a success.” — Justin Martin, Retreat Facilitator, Verity Credit Union
  • “When Lydia spoke at our King County Chapter of Credit Unions quarterly meeting, she held the room mesmerized for a full hour. The audience gave rave reviews. She was one of the best-rated speakers we have ever booked. I highly recommend Lydia for any conference you are facilitating. She is smart, funny and connects well with a group.” — Shari Storm, SVP Marketing, Verity Credit Union, Seattle, Washington
  • “Your presentation was both energetic and thought-provoking. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and perspective on cultural and generational diversity. The content of your message was insightful and very relevant to our organization.” — Mike Phillips, Member, Board of Directors, Bronco Federal Credit Union


  • “Lydia Johnson was referred to us after our scheduled presenter was unable to attend. Lydia was asked to present to our Board and Management on innovation, what it truly is and how to effectively introduce it in to your business. To our delight within a week of our request Lydia completed research on our company and how our customers view us. This resulted in a presentation that everyone felt was extremely well done and assisted the group in developing a number of actions that will ensure innovation is strongly rooted in our company. Also Lydia’s passions to ensure business understand the importance of developing effective customer relations and sales strategies was refreshing. We hope to work with Lydia in the future.” — Ian MacNeil, Director, Operations, League Data Ltd., Halifax, NS
  • “I found your presentation to be energetic, informative, and entertaining as well. I believe your delivery style was excellent in that it held the attendees’ attention during a very long meeting and it prompted participants to think and open their minds to possible new innovations. The feedback I received was very positive and I know that the credit union was satisfied.” — Randy Hass, Sales Executive, Cuna Mutual Group

Sales Training

  • “Lydia was the catalyst at introducing and sustaining a very effective sales culture at Vancity Credit Union. She has always inspired her staff to be creative and entrepreneurial in addition to fostering risk taking.” — Caroline Wedge, Assistant Vice President, Sales & Service, Envision Financial
  • “Thank you for the great two days with our Branch Manager team. Your enthusiasm and energy was amazing. The sales training that you provided has proven to be invaluable to our team. Post session we have definitely seen an increase in our sales focus which is clearly reflected in our overall numbers and referrals to our business partners. Thank you Lydia, we will definitely be looking at incorporating you into our annual sales conference in 2010.” — Caroline Wedge, C O R I N N E W I L L I G A R, and Kam K. Raman, Assistant Vice President’s Team, Sales & Service — Envision Financial
  • “I have attended many Leadership events/courses in the past but with Peak Performance I felt it reflected the day to day life in a branch. I walked away with a treasure chest of tools to motivate and encourage a true sales focused environment. One of the areas I struggled with in the past was how to conduct powerful sales meetings, with your help I now have a number of templates to create a fun yet focused way to strengthen our member relationships.” — KAY GANDHAM, Branch Manager — Envision Financial

Operational Implementation/Execution

  • “At our 2008 Strategic Retreat we were asking our Board to go beyond the traditional net income, quality service, and growth goals to imagine how Verity Credit Union could become an integral part of the communities we serve. Lydia quickly transformed skepticism into excitement and uncertainty into conviction. I look forward to the next time we will work with Lydia.” — John Zmolek, Executive Vice President, Verity Credit Union
  • “Thanks again for leading our 2008 Board Planning Retreat. Your presentations and interactive sessions were extremely well received by board members and staff alike and were right on target with my expectations for a weekend themed “innovation.” You very effectively challenged traditional thought in introducing concepts, as well as products and services that by their nature are differentiators because of their uniqueness. Market differentiation through innovation is a most appealing idea and your innovation structure is an approach that I believe could potentially benefit most companies.It was obvious from your enthusiasm that you are passionate about credit unions and our potential for even greater success. We all left the retreat feeling mentally energized and excited about the future. I look forward to working with you again.” — Bob Petty, CEO, Bronco Federal Credit Union, Virginia
  • “Lydia is a very passionate leader who has the ability to inspire and motivate her team through both one on one meetings and through large group presentations. At Vancity she created a strong collaborative “can do” culture that consistently lead to the exceeding of targets. She is constantly up for a good challenge and her positive approach to dealing with difficult issues brings others together in a way that fosters a sharing of ideas and the identification of a successful resolution. She is a great person to have as part of your team.” — Ian Warner, former COO, Vancity Credit Union

Life Success Seminars and Consulting Services

  • “Intelligence, passion, presence and humour.” — Dr. Daniel Stone, Daniel Stone & Associates
  • “Lydia, you are amazing, so comfortable speaking with so much passion about the topic.” — Deb Daly
  • “I’m only 18 and I don’t know much about any of this. I’m known to be rather negative but you have changed that. You are making a difference. You changed my life in just 3 hours. You’re going to do great things.” — Brigitte Gerwin
  • “Lydia the presentation was excellent. It was informative, made me think, and challenged me as well. Well done!” — Ted MacDonald
  • “The seminar was truly inspirational. It has shown me to really stretch my boundaries! Thank you!” — Peter Reale
  • “You send such positive vibrations! In a world of negative vibrations, it makes such a difference.” — Lucinda Iglesias
  • “Great energy and enthusiasm connecting with the audience.” — Paula MacFarlane
  • “Lydia, your energy and wisdom is amazing. This will be a huge success — I believe it! Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me to attend. I have got so much out of it.” — Liz Bailey-Connor

Jalapeno Handshake

  • “The Jalapeno Handshake is a book filled with practical tips you can use in business and in life. Many stories vividly illustrate her points. My copy is filled with highlighting, and I bet yours will be, too. Keep it nearby so you can open it to any page and rediscover the perfect insight for that moment.” — Tracey E. Bennett,